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Let’s meet again to talk about export

We invite you to take part in the second edition of the international conference for exporters organized by IndustryStock.pl.

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About conference

Encouraged by the success of the 1st International Conference „How to sell Polish products on export markets”, held on 24 October 2018 in Katowice, IndustryStock.pl invites you to its second edition, which will take place in Rzeszów on 14-15 March 2019.

For whom?

This unique event will bring together in one place a selected group of people involved in the internationalisation of Polish products, know-how and the Polish economy – managers, entrepreneurs, business representatives not only from the Subcarpathia region.

The conference is one of a few events on the Polish market that focus on the development, expansion of competencies and effective cooperation of the entire sector of exporters and Polish companies wishing to expand their operations on foreign markets. 

Time to establish and strengthen business contacts

The culmination of the first day of the conference will be a banquet during which, in a casual atmosphere, we will be able to get to know each other better, exchange experiences and establish a number of long-lasting and fruitful business contacts..

Why Rzeszów?

Because it is a thriving economic centre, creating perfect conditions for the development of modern, export-oriented companies.

Practice, practice, practice...

The comprehensive and interdisciplinary knowledge of the international team of lecturers and panellists will be supported by practical information on the effective conduct of operations on diversified export markets.

The first day will have a panel structure. Each panel will consist of two parts: an expert introduction and a moderated debate of invited experts – practitioners – and listeners.

The second day of the conference will be entirely devoted to workshops, during which – under the guidance of an expert – we will practice how to act in a number of situations that may occur to us during contacts and negotiations on export markets.


Meet the speakers

  • Grzegorz Bratek

    Managing Director at EuroSpektrum

  • Mikołaj Tauber

    Manager at Foreign Trade Office PAIH in Minsk

  • Silvio Haase

    Marketing and brand development chef at IndustryStock.com

  • Karol Kubica

    Manager at Foreign Trade Office PAIH in Kiev

  • experts

    Meet the experts who will participate in debates

  • Michał Okoń

    Export director
    Ceramika Paradyż

  • Vasilisa Dzehtsiarenka

    Chairman of the Board
    Clever Logistic

  • Piotr Snopek

    Sales & markering director
    Passport to Export

  • Halina Jurkowska

    General Director
    Biolit Europe


View the conference topics

Thematic panel I: How to effectively enter international markets – strategic solutions, business modelling, market study, partner acquisition

- introducing lecture
- discussion between experts, practitioners and participants, moderated by lecturer

Lecturer: Grzegorz Bratek

Thematic panel II: Export opportunities on Eastern markets

- introducing lecture
- discussion between experts, practitioners and participants, moderated by lecturer

Lecturers: Mikołaj Tauber, Karol Kubica

Thematic panel III: Modern online marketing tools in international trade

- introducing lecture
- discussion between experts, practitioners and participants, moderated by lecturer

Lecturer: Silvio Haase

Workshop: How to defend your price in foreign negotiations and sign a profitable international contract?

Lecturer: Grzegorz Bratek

Conference venue



Nowa Wieś 414
36-001 Trzebownisko k. Rzeszowa
tel. (17) 77 22 666

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- 1 hour of individual consultations about export strategies with Grzegorz Bratek
- advertorial about your company on the main page of IndustryStock
- information about your company in an IndustryStock newsletter
- promotion during the Conference*
- dinner gala

*Details to be discussed with the organizer

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President of Rzeszow City

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